Narigoni Gelato | Narigoni
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Narigoni Gelato

An exciting path

Narigoni is the result of hard work and preparation with the objective of offering an alternative to current industrial ice cream parlors. An ice cream parlor where the flavor is the main protagonist. Tired of display cases filled with blue ice cream, fuchsia or even radioactive green, with artificial flavor, lacking nuance, we decided to create a gelato shop where we take control of the making process. In Narigoni we offer 22 flavors, some all year, like the classic chocolate, which we put our personality, and others seasonal, such as melon or watermelon with the intention of getting always the best authentic taste.

Nothing to hide!!

Our ingredients, our toppins even our preparation method are in view to the customer, every day, every development, because we have the knowledge and confidence to make things right. Backed by a genuine taste and thousands of satisfied smiles because of our wonderfull gelatos.


Process control does not end until we serve the gelato, of course, with palette. The affection that we have put in making our ice cream, stirring leisurely way to maintain a uniform temperature, and thus obtain maximum creaminess, can not miss pressing and compacting the ice cream until it is hard as a rock, to get a ball shape placing on a cone.

There are many occasions when a customer looks at us incredulous because a banana ice cream is not yellow E-102, but rather white, and after trying it, their faces light up and tells us smiling “it’s really taste banana”. That moment of excitement, surprise, is what we offer in Narigoni.

Flavors that leave you mark

Check by yourself

We can tell you about the quality of our daily making, our choice of ingredients, but in the end, nothing matters but you like our gelatos. It’s that simple. We’ve put everything we can offer to create what we consider a great gelato, now it’s your turn to test and decide if we succeeded, if we are far away or, if you are loving our a tasty craft gelatos.