Narigoni Gelato | Heladería en Cádiz
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In Narigoni we only know one way to achieve excellence with our gelato, the passion we feel creating them. Because it is not enough to have a good product and a good service. In Narigoni we put the heart on our ice cream parlor, on our dreams and on our desires. Only in this way, by creating our homemade gelato every day, a selection of each ingredient, passion and effort, we feel confident to offer our ice cream with the conviction that we are offering a great product you will enjoy.

foto de niño en la heladería narigoni
Back to childhood!!

In the eyes of the childrens you see the excitement for ice cream, for them is a reward, it is a special moment to enjoy from start to finish. From the first begining, chossing the taste, to the ice cream melted over their little fingers. You deserve a prize too, one good, one tasty. Let yourself be carried away by emotions and let out your inner child.

elaborando helado en narigoni
Gelating show!!!

We are very proud of our gelato. Our demanding selection of the ingredients and a careful handcrafted elaboration have the best quality. And because of that, every day you can see how we prepare them. No gimmicks, no catches , without dyes, acidifying or anything strange … in Narigoni there is no trap or cardboard! Transparency with you is one of our commandments.
Come to see it!

Open all year long

How say, “the ice cream is for the summer”? It is a healthy and nutritious food to enjoy any day of the year

Fresh fruit

We make our ice cream with authentic fresh fruit every day, that’s why they are so tasty.

Gelating show

If you want to know how we prepare our ice cream, every day you have the opportunity to see it live as we do, in the traditional way.

Gluten & Lactose

We are sensitive to food diseases. Some of our gelatos are gluten and lactose free


Gelato tradition

In Narigoni we are passionate about authentic gelato, the traditionals ones, in which taste and texture predominated, above colors and artificial presentations. Our gelatos drink are made in the Italian tradition of the “Gelatai” masters, pampering every detail, every ingredient, from the origin to the end, and for that reason we serve them with palette, to maintain their creaminess.


Come to visit us or phone us

Plaza de la Catedral de Cádiz 5

686 92 87 38